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A KEY advantage of using Kehoe Correctional Consulting, LLC is that we’re always striving to keep current in the ever changing world of corrections, to ensure that we provide only the highest quality professional services, both efficiently and affordably, for all of our clients.


Professional Services

PREA Auditor – Chuck Kehoe is a Certified PREA Auditor in the areas of Prisons, Jails and Juvenile Facilities.  He also serves as an advisor for the PREA Resource Center’s Communications Advisory Group.

Expert Witness – As an expert witness over the past 25 years, Chuck has testified in Federal and State Courts.  He has served as an expert witness in over 26 cases that involved conditions of confinement, deaths in custody, sexual assaults, and other issues.  He has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants’ attorneys.

Trainer – Chuck Kehoe has provided training to a wide range of adult and juvenile corrections professionals on topics that include emergency preparedness, the future of juvenile justice and corrections, multi-generational workforces, and workforce planning and recruitment.

Consulting Services – For over 40 years, Chuck Kehoe has provided survey and consulting services to state and local governments in over 36 states.  He has participated in the development of strategic master plans, conducted feasibility and planning studies and worked with design teams for new adult and juvenile confinement facilities.  Chuck has worked with architectural and engineering firms and consulting companies.


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